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I have obtained a large supply of the old-style Sheaffer calligraphy nib/section units and I am back in business modifying them into stubs for use with a variety of Sheaffer pens. These nibs are a direct screw-in replacement on Sheaffer Balance II’s, Connaisseurs, Viewpoints and No-Nonsense pens. The original nibs are square-cornered in fine, medium and broad. I modify them by rounding the corners for easier cursive writing and flattening the tip to provide maximum line variation. The finished nibs are these approximate widths: fine, 0.9mm; medium, 1.2mm; broad, 1.5mm. They cost $20 each including shipping in the U.S. I have also obtained a limited number of old-style Sheaffer Viewpoint calligraphy pens that I am selling for $7 a piece with the purchase of one of my nibs. I accept personal checks and money orders. Please e-mail me at stubhead@hotmail.com for further information.




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