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What's it all about?
Its about YOU, Pens and Writing with pens..
Pentrace is a cooperative site, that means that YOU get a say in the content.

There are two main ways of contributing material:

  1. Submit an article directly, we are looking for good "literary" content that everyone will enjoy reading. You use fountain pens? Good! Start using them.
  2. Post to the message board. We know from experience that some great posts go out on boards and lists on a weekly basis. We will take the great posts and edit them into articles, which will then appear on the front page as a headline and will be stored for posterity on our database. Your post will get the audience it deserves! These articles will link to the thread that initiated it, until the thread scrolls off the message board.
This is the type of material we are looking for:

Pen Stories:

  • Great Pen Finds (pawnshops, junkstores, fleamarkets, freebies, estates etc.)
  • Horrid Pen Losses.
  • Haunted/Heirloom Pens
  • Pen Travel/Search Stories.
  • Etc.
How-to Articles:

  • Replacing sacs; the basics
  • Re-aligning, adjusting and polishing nibs
  • Grinding your own italic nibs
  • Polishing plastics
  • Pawn-shop etiquette
  • Etc.
OK now get writing!

and..About the Logo..

The Logo The Parker Duofold Airplane is the inspiration for the logo on the home page. The drawing is from an original blotter design by Pier Gustafson.





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