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    Continuation of the bi-weekly serial
    from the fountain pen of David Lee Mason

    Pinkie was not usually a denizen of that crepuscular zone between sleep and consciousness where dreams can seem as visions and the Voices from Beyond are at their clearest.

    He began by telling Molly,
    "That pen, Molly - that pen - it spoke to me!"
    Molly not cynical at all here,
    "What did the pen have to say?"
    "The pen said, 'You will be haunted by four spirits, Pinkie. The spirit of Dr. Darby Gland will visit you tonight when the bell tolls One. The spirit of Slive Porphyre, Esq., will visit you tomorrow at the same hour. The third spirit, that of Orion Pooge, C.P.A., will visit you when the bell tolls Twelve on the third day.'"
    Now Pinkie began to shake again, beads of sweat springing forth on his forehead.
    "An... and Molly? The pen said the last spirit was named Robert Penn. The REVEREND Robert "Bobo" Penn, Molly - your GRANDFATHER!"

    For such a bombshell, Molly seemed surprisingly detached. She took a long languid pull at her fresh-lit cheroot and mumered
    "Do tell. But first fetch me a brandy, Dahling."

    This seemed a bizarre request to Pinkie, who had been chugging scotch since the nano-second he regained consciousness, but apparently Molly knew where she was going. Weird chick.
    "You were in the dream too, Molly. Right at the beginning - you wanted me to give you the pen. Then it was just like you told me - that Dr. Gland you told me about, the spirit of the pen claimed that it wrote the bad prescriptions that got him in so much trouble. The spirit looked like a big ink blob, Molly, only three-dimensional. It was like those roar-sack, roarshack, what...." "Rorschach inkblot tests, Pinkie."
    "Yeah, those inkblots, only it kept moving, Molly... changing. Then it told me it faked the testimony in the lawyers case and got him killed, and made that accountant fake his bank records. But, but, Molly - that pen wouldn't talk much about your grandfather. It said that he was the original owner, and all it would say was that 'That's where all the trouble started.' Molly - now I'm scared for YOU."

    Molly had been concerned about this, the haunted pen was not going to give up it's secrets easily. She knew what she had to do. She knew she had to sacrifice her peace of mind and maybe her sanity too, maybe ever her life if she was to unlock the Secrets of the Pen - Molly was going to have to write with the the silver/blue Vacumatic Major with the flex fine nib and slight brassing on the top of the clip and the capband herself. Pinkie felt a mixture of utter relief and sheer terror as Molly picked up the pen, sidled to the door and whispered
    "Happy trails, cowboy."

    Coming Next: THE SECRET OF THE PEN

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