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Colors: The Parker “Toothbrush” Geometric

Hand painted by Michael Richter with additional text by Richard Binder
Colors: The Parker “Toothbrush” Geometric
(This article first appeared on Richard's site.)
The Short-Lived “Toothbrush”: During the late 1930s, Parker’s flagship pen was the Vacumatic. In 1939, Parker introduced the “Toothbrush” patterned button-filler Duofold Geometric as a cheaper line of pens. The Geometric had a smoothly-tapered clip engraved “Parker” and a single cap band, and it featured Parker’s Visometer ink supply in the form of a partially transparent (“visulated”) section. The Geometric remained on the market for less that two years; in 1940, it was replaced by the “striped” Duofold. Parker produced the Geometric in two sizes, the “Standard” and the “Junior.”
Although the classic Parkers are the original Duofold and the Vacumatic, the Geometric has a certain appeal for many collectors because of its unusual surface design.
Color Name
Gold Gold
Green Green
Grey Grey
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