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The New Conklin Pen Company
The rebirth of a classic!
from the fountain pen of Len Provisor
With the flurry of modern pen releases in 2000, I have seen a few manufacturers take the hint from historical perspective to revive design ideas that have exceptional enduring merit. Such is the case of the Conklin Nozac fountain pen, introduced in 1931 with a most unique filling system design.

The Conklin Pen Company The knob on the bottom of the pen simply says TWIST TO FILL. Advertised as a self-filler "that winds like a watch". Available in 5,000 (or 50 average letters) 7,000 and even 8,000 word capacity. Unique was the 12 faceted barrel design for grip and preventing the pen from rolling off the desk. Ink capacity was greatly increased due to the barrrel being the reservoir, no sack or "NOZAC" being the clever adopted name.

This pen design proved very successful for Conklin, a pen manufacturer since 1898 who had given serious competition to Parker and Waterman and Moore.

Conklin continued manufacture up to 1938, when I suppose due to the Parker's Vacumatic massive advertising simply overwhelmed public attention. Conklin was sold to a Chicago group who continued producing pen with a lesser quality for which the name was known.

Rob Rosenberg, with considerable pen experience has chosen this fountain pen as a stunning revival from the pen "Hall of Fame". Conklins are a treasured vintage pen with very avid collectors world-wide, it seems some of the luckiest are in the Toledo, Ohio area where originally produced. Instead of a "variation on a theme" in pen design, this Nozac appears to be true to it's heritage. The total design is almost identical. You could hold this in your hands with your eyes closed, knowing it is a Conklin Nozac.

A combination of celulloid and acrylic in a glowing marbled blue/tortoise or a red/blue the appearance is very much unlike other barrel materials. An oversized 18K nib, piston filling mechanism, and immediately recognized Conklin pocket clip.

Limited production to 898 pieces in each color, trimmed in sterling silver clip and cap band. A special reserve of 198 pieces in each color is available with 18K clip and cap band. Silver trim $ 750. MSRP, 18K trim MSRP $1450. The U.S. allotment is 500 of each color. Currently this pen is available from Fountain Pen Hospital in NY. Delivery is expected in November.

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