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The 50+ Fountain Pen Filler Types
Filler reference sheet
from the fountain pen of Bob Helfrich

. This is probably not an inclusive list - it is heavy on USA pens and weak on European and Asian models.




Accordion Sac Betzler, Eversharp
Aerofil Esterbrook
Aerometric Parker
Barrel End Lever Aurora Novum
Barrel of Ink Sager
Blow Filler Crocker
Breather Tube Dunn
Bulb Filler Eagle, Postal
Button Filler Parker, Camel, Hero
Capillary Parker, Waterman
Click Fill Parker no. 24
Coin Filler Eagle
Crescent Filler Conklin, Visconti, Stipula
Doctor Faber Doctor Faber
Dual Reservoir Visconti
Dual Tube Geha
Dual Valve Piston Waterman ( prior to 1890)
Eye Dropper Waterman, AA Waterman, Parker, Rider, etc.
Hatchet Fill Crocker, Holland, Servo
Hidden Reservoir Aurora
Hump Fill Wirt
Ink Battery Ink Maker
Ink Pellet Waterman, Aurora
Ink Vue Waterman
Inverted Syringe Ancora maxima
Lever Sheaffer, Waterman, Wahl-Eversharp, Parker, Delta
Matchstick Various
Medallion Filler Waterman, Marlen
Nozac Wahl-Eversharp
Onoto Plunger DeLaRue
Piston MB, Pelikan, Omas, Marlen, Sheaffer, Stipula, MG
Pneumatic Chilton
Pull Filler Holland
Pump Syphon Ancora
Pump Vac Tibaldi
Reservoir Pump Stylomine
Rheingold Sonnecken Rheingold
Safety Various
Side Button Hero 404
Slide lever Aurora Asterope
Sleeve Filler Eureka, La Boeuf, Cross, Waterman, Stipula
Slide Lever Schnell
Snap Fill Houston
Snorkel Sheaffer, Eversharp
Styolgraphic Various
Syringe Morrison, Post, Royal
Telescoping Piston MB, Pelikan
Twist Sac AA Waterman, Mabie Todd, Conklin, Wasp, Ingersol
Vacoumatic Osmia Progress
Vacumatic-Locking Parker
Vacumatic-Speedline Parker
Vacumatic- Plastic Parker
Visofil Mabie Todd
VP Parker VP
Waterman Tip Fill* Various Waterman Models
Wingflow** Chilton

* Tip Fill has to do with only needing to put the tip of the nib in ink
**- Wingflows are Pneumatics

Hardly Exhaustive

Also,Sheaffer lever was first, Waterman lever has a box, Eversharp lever hasJ-bars; each lever system is different enough to avoid patentinfringement.

On EDs - some are middle Joint, others Safety pens, J.G. Rider-removable nib - are they different enough to be different types - or just sub-groups?

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