about Pentrace and the PenBase Navigator

Welcome to the Pentrace Penbase.

This is the updated version of Pentrace, where all material is stored in a database, making it easily accessable. The new logo and colors ahve also been added to the main site. The PenBase itself is what we call the combination of database and search facility you will find here. The navigator is the menu system on the left with the compass logo incorporated into it.

These pages have just gone live, so there will be a few rough edges! If you find any mistakes or encounter any error messages, please email me immediately with the text of the error message if possible.

The purpose of this area?

This area is targeted at readers who want to find ANYTHING on the site quickly. It allows you to quickly find a Pentrace article by topic (ink, nibs, pen shows etc.), by type (review, technical, fiction) or by word.


This section is compatible with both MSIE and Netscape browsers of at least version 4 vintage.