Are Brand X pens better than Brand Y pens?
FAQ 21.0 by Burt Janz
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21.0 Are Brand X pens better than Brand Y pens?

It depends on whether you like Brand X pens, or whether you own or owned a Brand Y pen and had a bad experience. Some pens just aren't well made, and many modern pen companies have a serious problem with quality control.

Is MontBlanc really the best pen? Is Pelikan? Well, some people have used modern MontBlanc pens and have experienced breakages, failures, etc. not normally associated with any other pens in this price range. Others have not, and find that the pens work just fine. Some have had problems with Pelikan nibs. Others haven't.

It's just a matter of opinion. Heck, I own both Pelikan and MontBlanc, and find that, besides from having a different "feel", both write well on the exact same kind of paper.

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