What refill or converter fits my pen?
FAQ 16.0 by Burt Janz
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16.0 What refill or converter fits my pen?

(This section contributed to the FAQ by Frank Dubiel)

First, try one made by the company that made the pen. Or call the company (names and phone numbers are in the FAQ, too).

Parker refills vary little, and most Parker pens will use the same refills. Waterman does vary when it comes to older pens. Sheaffer varies in ballpoints, but in cartridges there are only a few "slim" cartridges that vary from the standard style used in all Sheaffers. Cross uses a special fountain pen cartridge, although many companies make ballpoint refills for Cross. Most European pens (Montblanc, Pelikan, and countless others) use what is called a standard "European" cartridge or converter. Most of these can be cross fitted among literally hundreds of pen brands made today. With the exception of Parker, Waterman, Cross, Sheaffer, and some pens made in Japan, its a safe bet that 80% of all fountain pens made today use the standard "European" cartridge or converters.

However, with converters (all brands) there may be minor variations that could affect the fit in the barrel. Parker, for example, has sold some pens with slender barrels that will not accept some Parker converters slighter fatter than their cartridges. The same with Sheaffer, which has sold some pens with short barrels than may not accept some Sheaffer converters longer than a Sheaffer cartridge. So one must usually try a "hands on" fit to be sure.

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