Are there any really good web pages on pens?
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36.0 Are there any really good web pages on pens?

Yes, there are a lot of good web pages on the net. I have listed some of them here.

Note: The inclusion of any web site in this section does not mean that I endorse them or their products! It merely means that I've found useful information or photos there, and like to visit that site occasionally. There may be other sites that I have missed that you feel should be included here. E-mail me, and I may include them in the list. OK?

A few of my personal favorite non- or merely semi-commercial sites are:

David Nishimura's Vintage Pen Web Site
Bill Acker's Fountain Pen Page
Penoply - A Fountain Pen Web Site
Jim Gaston's Fountain Pen Site

Here's a few commercial sites to look at:

Fountain Pen Hospital
Franklin Pen
Monroe's Pen
Berliner Pen
The Colorado Pen Company
Bertram's Inkwell
Artlite Office Supply

Yet more sites of varied interests:

Signature Online
Bruce Marshall's Page
Glenn Marcus Site
Chuck Swisher Pen Site
Pendemonium (Sam Fiorella's Site)
Airline International
Bittner Fine Stationary
The Pen Shop
Fahrney's Pens
Ink Palette
Fountain Pen Inks (Greg Clark's Page)
Reed & Barton
The Pen Sac Company
Kate Gladstone's Handwriting Resource Site

And, of course, magazines and other resources:

Pen World Magazine
Stylophile's Web Magazine
Pen Collectors of America

Ah, but what if you need PAPER?

Lewis Paper Place

Some people don't have a web site but DO have an e-mail address:
Nathan Tardif - Parker Vacumatic repairs

People who repair pens:

Richard Binder's Pen Page
John Mottishaw's Nib Repair Site
Hal Arnold Pen Restoration Services, Ltd
Scaupaug's Pen Repair Site

There are plenty more, and they WILL appear here over time.


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