Are vintage pens better than modern pens?
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30.0 Are vintage pens better than modern pens?

Depends again on what you want from a pen. Some vintage pens operate very well when restored. Their nibs have been worked smooth over a long period of time, so they sometimes make great writers. Pens like Parker Vacumatics and 51s and Sheaffer Snorkels and Touchdowns can be had for very good prices and write better than many modern pens. Of course, the more you spend, the better the pen you can get.

Some new pens are extremely well designed and work just fine, and will make a good additions to your collection. Modern Parker Duofolds and Pelikans M800s are extremely good writers with good warranty coverage. Conversely, thereís some overpriced junk out there with fancy names and prices, but which have "problematic" nibs and feeds. Again, you get what you pay for. Sometimes.

In short, if you can try a pen before you buy it, do so. If not, watch the news group for opinions and ask for some. Skip past the insults, flames, and opinion wars, and youíll actually come up with some good information.

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