I don't like the ink colors available. Can I mix my own?
FAQ 13.0 - 13.3 by Burt Janz
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13.0 I don't like the ink colors available. Can I mix my own?

Absolutely, and some really creative ink colors have been posted to the net. If you have a favorite, submit it for inclusion in the FAQ by e-mail to bjanz@ccsneinc.com:

13.1 isaacson@frontiernet.net(Dr. David Isaacson)

13.1.1 Dark Teal
Take Turquoise (whether Pelikan, Waterman, or Sheaffer equivalents) and mix in some black Sheaffer Skrip. Trial and error works. Get a dark blue-green.
13.1.2 Military Olive Green
Sheaffer Green plus Sheaffer Black.

13.2 auyeung@usc.edu(Michael AuYeung)

13.2.1 "Herbin" Sunflower Yellow
1ml yellow to 0.3ml orange, both are Herbin inks. May add less (closer to 0.2ml) orange if result is too orange to be yellow.
13.2.2 "Waterman" Crimson Red
1.2ml of Encre Rouge with 0.2ml Encre Noir with a touch (<= 0.1ml) of Encre Bleu Effacable. All Waterman Inks.
13.2.3 Satrap Orange
1ml Skrip King's gold with 1ml Skrip Red (guaranteed to melt your eyes:-)

13.3 sablesw@aol.com
I made a nice purple using one part Herbin Rose Cyclamen to 3 parts Herbin Azure Blue.

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