Why do people collect fountain pens?
FAQ 25.0 - 25.1 by Burt Janz
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25.0 Why do people collect fountain pens?

It's just plain fun. Why do people collect anything? They have some aspect which interests the collector. Fountain pens have their own following, just as Hummel figurines have their own following. Although I've never seen someone write with a Hummel, I have seen collectors do more than just put their pens on a display shelf.

I have quite a few pens (and, no, I have no intention to reveal just how many, especially here!). They reside either in display cases or in their original packaging in a closet somewhere. I'm continually collecting more, both with and without packaging. When I see something that I particularly like, I may buy it. I sometimes return from a business trip with more pens than I left with, because I found some especially nice pens somewhere.

25.1 But why collect so MANY?

I enjoy the look and feel of different pens. Just as I don't wear the same shoes day after day, I don't use the same pen day after day. Sometimes I feel like using a Stipula. Sometimes a Parker. And, sometimes I even feel like using a MontBlanc. I usually carry one pen in my pocket, one in my Day Timer, and five in a roll-up in my briefcase. Why? Well, sometimes I change pens in the middle of the day, and I want to have alternatives with me.

Also, each pen has its own "personality", and I find that, as the day goes on, sometimes I want to switch "personalities". Of course, I switch pens at the same time.


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