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Happy First Birthday to Pentrace!

A Back Door tribute from Len Provisor, David Mason, Russ Stutler, and Richard Binder

Congratulations to Donal Higgins, who was not expecting this at all!

Happy First Birthday!

October 1, 2000, was the birth of Pentrace.

Suddenly we found one another and instantly became a family of friends. Our family of readers and writers is now checking in to the tune of about half a million visits each month. And it's all because Donal said "This is a good idea, I'll do it."

Pentrace has no borders; it is truly universal. Worldwide, we are all speaking in the lingua franca of affection for pen, ink, paper and the admiration of the written word—and apparently of each other as well. Very importantly, Donal has created a vibrant person-to-person worldwide camaraderie called the Pentrace Snailee Club. Besides encouraging this personal written communication, as always being a pleasure to put ink to paper, the Snailee Club is one more small step in bringing the world together.

We thank you, Donal, for creating such an overwhelmingly popular website, a site that has so much to offer to so many people. We look forward to many more outstanding years of pleasure with Pentrace!

And we think it only fitting to celebrate this occasion by introducing the world's newest superhero:

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