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Like a kid in a candy shop!
Strange but true!
From the fountain pen of Len Provisor

Today I visited with Don Lavin as he was taking slide pictures of every item
for the Chicago Pen Show auction. There I was, gazing at 200-some
outstanding vintage pens without having the usual crowd at a pen show all
surging, groping, arms and legs twisting trying to get up close for the
auction preview. That Waterman #20 is as big as it looks, the Waterman
ripple 58 with a rare fine flex nib would be a dream to scroll over some
100% cotton Twinrocker handmade paper. A Parker "71", I've seen one before,
which was a test capillary filling pen, one of the first 6 produced at Arrow
Park in 1955. The Waterman Turquoise Patrician set looks terrific,
especially with it's early version pencil without the barrel band. Some
great looking "51"s, Sheaffers and Conklins that stopped me cold and sent
shivers up my back.
It's almost that feeling like finding that rare exeptional pen at a flea
market, you have to pinch yourself to believe what you are seeing.
I was gazing over rows and rows of rare vintage pens, hoping that this was
not an illusion and I was really just entering a flea market, getting the
whole lot for $20. Then I woke up.
Spotting a few pens that I may bid on, I scrutinized quickly because next
chance will be with someone stepping on my toes or catching a few elbows in
my ribs.

Final plans are made for the big Friday Blues Night visit to Buddy Guy's
Legends Blues Cafe ( www.buddyguys.com ) downtown Chicago. Hotel busses
will shuttle us, meet in the Lobby at 6:30 sharp, $20./person round trip and
$12. cover at the Cafe. World famous menu will satisfy anyone, even if
you're a Veggie. Saturday night Jam Session 9:00 in the Executive
Forum....this is where you learn that Chicago Rocks! Pen collectors and
friends are gathering for an amateur performance, nothing planned, no
scripting, just on the stage, lights and a few microphones. This will prove
that some pen geeks can be really cool. It's free, it's live, it will Rock
the pen show. Anyone with any musical talent is invited to jump on stage.
Prizes, too from Buddy Guy's to performers. This is just what we'll need to
prepare for Sunday's Main Event when the doors open at 10am. Massive
advertising is going to assure a great crowd, and I look forward to this all
Fountain Pen Hospital usually has several tables, let me tell you....this is
the Mecca. Every new pen you want to see is there. Of course, the greatest
pleasure is meeting Steve, Terry and Ed Fingerman...who always make you feel
like an old buddy.
Donal will be broadcasting LIVE from the show, whenever we can get him to
settle down from all the excitement, so get ready for exciting news from
Thurs. May 3 thru Sun. May 13.
Pentraces coming to the show, be sure to bring your bright yellow Snailee ID
badges, I'll also have plenty more at the door.

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